REYNE is a family adventure which journey started in Southern Morocco, in the Essaouira region, well-known for its arganeraie forests
Attached to this land, we decided to give pride of place to its emblematic tree - the Argan tree - which prodigious properties are widely acknowledged. While travelling from Mexico to China, including Madagascar and Chile, we discovered other rare and precious essences endowed with amazing powers. These treasures emerged from ancient secrets were combined with the properties of renowned Argan oil, pure liquid gold, to indulge your skin with unique beauty care products, formulated and developed by a major Parisian laboratory. Velvety textures, delicate fragrances, a most elegant and utterly refined design : a genuine ode to travel.
Thus, the REYNE line came into being as the symbol of a double tribute :
to the earth, to a woman and a mother